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    Years ago, there were two brilliant women, Dr. Evie Sloane-Harrison and Dr. Tori Carcharria, who had a plan to fix the world. They developed a solution of nanomachines that could cure any disease or injury. But in order to fund their miracle cure, they needed to offer the world what it actually wanted-- enhanced post-human soldiers, created from kidnapped test subjects with the right genes to survive the procedure, and sent to political hot zones all over the world to uphold the wealthiest status quo. Though Dr. Carcharria was more than willing to oblige, Dr. Sloane-Harrison was disgusted with their deeds. But she was in no position to stop her former partner, so she set in motion a new plan.
    Dr. Sloane-Harrison instead created a new serum to make an even more powerful super-soldier, and set in motion a complex plan to administer it to the one person whose moral judgment she could trust impeccably-- her teenaged daughter, Ruby. In order to cover her tracks, she shot herself in the head. Three years later, Ruby encountered a loose, infected monkey that transferred the new nanomachines to her via bite on the neck, mutating her into a much larger and stronger form that could generate virtually unlimited quantities of electro-magnetic force.
    Ostracized from public life thanks to her new nine-foot-tall body, Ruby instead found herself in a new world, one of atrocities, treacheries, and moral compromises. However, she also found new friends and family, from other post-humans who had endured similar traumas. Ruby joined them to fight her mother's war against Dr. Carcharria, but she also worked to create a new home, a new nation where she and her friends could live in peace. But in order to do the latter, she'll have to plunge even deeper into the former.
    Things have gotten grim for the remaining members of the Ruby Nation. Jiro led the team to an equatorial space port in Uganda, planning to steal a ship and retrieve Ruby from the Doctor's satellite headquarters. Unfortunately, they were stopped by armored Apex State soldiers, including the brainwashed Jens. The Apex held the team's catatonic friend Alexis captive, and coerced Ruby's team into surrender. Once they submit themselves, Jens coldly killed Alexis in front of them. Elise took this especially hard, slipping into a berserker rage and slicing through the soldiers before they could react, and barely stopping herself from killing Jens. Keeping Jens sedated, Ruby's team acquired a ship, but took time to bury their friend properly before resuming their mission.
    Meanwhile, Ruby has managed to free herself from the Doctor's regulator chip, and plans to fight back within the belly of the beast...